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01 Jul 2014
Causes of strabismus - There are two forms of congenital and acquired strabismus. Congenital form develops first 6 months of life and manifests itself acquired up to 3 years. From Duke Peterson Review Program, the most common cause of congenital strabismus is heredity or illness of the mother during pregnancy.
The main cause of acquired strabismus called diseases of the central nervous system, which can develop as a result of physical and mental trauma, also causes include infectious diseases.
Types of strabismus - Types of strabismus defined by Duke Peterson are distinguish because of, the nature of the deviation and stability manifestations because of strabismus is:
Concomitant strabismus - characterized by a total volume of eye...

01 Jul 2014
Because of the need for glasses headache is extremely rare and that only people with hyperopia and attention here! When they have long considered something close to or read without glasses.
Eyes are the mirror of the soul and not only. They, in fact, are the display health of our body.  Duke Peterson described several diseases that can be diagnosed examining eyes, namely the eye bottom.
Diabetes - It can cause drastic changes in vision, making it impossible to close vision. Together with a strong thirst and frequent urination vision problems may indicate diabetes.
High blood pressure - Ophthalmologists diagnose hypertension on occupancy retinal blood vessels.
Autoimmune disease - Patients with syndrome often suffer dry eye...

26 Jun 2014
Points do not really help all, why is this happening? Well, probably just because it is a medical device that has its indications and contraindications. It is important to take into account the individual structure of eyes and cause of visual impairment. It must be understood that the glasses with holes is not a panacea. Using simulators points in most cases helps to improve eyesight by 0.5 - 1.0 diopter, if rare cases where people have been able to get rid of a high degree of myopia (-6.0) and a half, two months to go vision without glasses. But this is an exception to the rule.Indication for the use of simulators-points may be any refractive disorders: astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia (nearsightedness), common eye...

26 Jun 2014
The reasons also include seasonal allergies, medical or otherwise - allergic keratitis. Prerequisites for the development of keratitis may be: vitamin deficiency, metabolic disorders, dry eye syndrome, decreased immunity, systemic diseases (diabetes, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.).
The clinical course of keratitis defined by Duke Peterson - Keratitis clinically manifested both general and characteristic features. Common manifestations of the inflammatory process can be combined in one word corneal syndrome, which manifests lacrimation, photophobia narrowing of the palpebral fissure, where it is difficult to open the eyes, severe pain, foreign body sensation and sand in the eyes, and redness of the eyes.
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10 Jun 2014
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